Wormix hacked (cheat a lot of money) v2

Wormix hacked (cheat a lot of money) v2

  • Category: Strategies
  • Developer: Pragmatix
  • Android Version: 2.2

Wormix refers to the genre of team turn-based strategies, where all characters can take turns making moves against an opponent. Against the background of all other games of the genre, Worms are distinguished by original gameplay and inimitable mechanics.

All characters will be scattered in different parts of the same location. Each map is small, but very complex in design. Sometimes, to get to the opponent, you will have to go a long way. With each move, you will have a little time to reach the target, strike and make your feet. If you fail to move to a safe distance, the enemy will definitely get even with your character.

The Arsenal is quite interesting. It should not be chosen at random, but depending on the location of the enemy. Since hitting a remote target is quite difficult, you can easily miss or even injure your own characters.

an analog of the legendary Worms;

high-quality graphics with low requirements;

a large Arsenal of fancy weapons;

lots of complex locations;

compete with real players in the PvP arena.

Wormix offers a wide range of strategic opportunities and a constant opportunity to experiment with the Arsenal. To try out each weapon, you need to play a lot of games. In addition, the game features several character races at once. They are distinguished by special skills that can become a significant advantage and affect the outcome of the battle. The image of each character can be improved by selecting items of clothing and fun accessories.

If you are not familiar with similar games, it is recommended that you complete a little training at the beginning of the passage. You will quickly learn all the rules and management features.

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