Wild Hunter 3D hack (Mod: lots of money) v

Wild Hunter 3D hack (Mod: lots of money) v

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 06: 26
  • Category: Simulators
  • Developer: Italic Games
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • V 1.0.8

Wild Hunter 3D is a realistic game with beautiful graphics. The appearance and behavior of different animals are transmitted down to the smallest detail. The main character is a hunter, he likes to chase different animals. The right optical rifle is always there. No one can resist it – you can catch up with swift-footed antelopes in a jeep, and ambush dangerous tigers. Following the cherished dream, the hunter will visit everywhere. In the hot desert, dense forest, climb the mountains, walk along the coast. And one day, after rewinding time, you will find yourself in the distant past to hunt down dinosaurs! He will have the most amazing collection of trophies!

Wild Hunter 3D game features:

a variety of animals-their appearance and behavior are transmitted, everything looks extremely realistic;

modern and powerful weapons;

there is an improvement system – you can upgrade your rifle;

Mod a lot of money will help the player get used to it faster and move further along the passage. A weapon leveling system is available. So that the right rifle can take down any animal. Dinosaurs have a thick hide. The developers also worked on landscapes. Each location looks picturesque. The animals look real, they move, they feel tense. With each animal killed, the hunter’s experience increases, and the completed mission gives him experience points and other bonuses in addition to the trophy. For beginners, training is provided, they will quickly master the subtleties of hunting. It is important not just to kill the beast, but also to leave its skin as intact as possible! And this is difficult.

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