Survivalcraft 2 full version v

Survivalcraft 2 full version v

  • Updated: 4-05-2020, 23: 47
  • Category: RPG
  • Developer: Candy Rufus Games
  • Android Version: 2.3.3
  • V

Survivalcraft 2 is a popular game that looks very similar to Minecraft. You will find the same pixel design and a lot of features: build any structures, fight predators, ride animals, learn new mechanisms, craft valuable items and explore the vast expanses of a huge location!

According to the plot, you have sailed to a desert island, with almost no necessary resources. In order for the character to survive, you need to search for food, water, and create basic tools. After reaching a certain level, you will be able to build a shelter that will protect the main character from dangerous predators and adverse weather conditions. All resources, clothing, and tools will be added to your inventory for future reference.

cool analog of Minecraft;

classic pixel design;

plenty of opportunities for character development;

crafting valuable resources, tools, building houses and more;

the establishment of various mechanisms;

ability to ride animals and interact with different objects;

a battle with dangerous predators;

large selection of clothing and accessories;

comfortable controls with gamepad support;

a co-op game with a split screen for three people.

To make playing Survivalcraft 2 even more fun, team up with your friends and explore the vast expanses of a huge island together! If you install the hacked version, you will get a lot of additional features that are not available in the standard game.

The app is being actively updated and improved. Developers are gradually transferring the most interesting features of the PC version of Minecraft To the game.

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