PLAGUE of the DEAD: Zombie Outbreak hacked (Mod money) v 1

PLAGUE of the DEAD: Zombie Outbreak hacked (Mod money) v 1

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 02: 02
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: GameSpire Ltd.
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • V 1.2.8

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is a popular game in its genre due to the high-quality design and two modes: multiplayer and single-player campaign. You can team up with up to four other players and fight an entire army of zombies together!

The storyline can’t be called original. According to the backstory, people started turning into zombies after a dangerous virus was leaked, and you have to stop the epidemic.

With the most classic plot, the game is designed at a fairly high level. Fierce battles with hundreds of opponents and a huge selection of upgrades await you. Mod for a lot of money will help you buy any weapons, grenades, mines, temporary boosters that increase the hero’s characteristics, and much more! It’s much more fun to play with extra money!

dynamic zombie shooter with a distant view from above;

online cooperative mode for up to four people;

large-scale campaign with a classic plot;

multiple characters: male and female;

large selection of guns and additional weapons;

temporary amps with interesting effects;

high-quality graphics and well-designed locations.

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is a cool game in its genre, which has received high-quality graphics and the ability to think strategically. Locations are filled with explosive items, bonuses, shelters and other surprises that can be effectively used in the fight against the dead. Zombies will also have some advantages: some species have received special skills and improved characteristics. As you progress, the weather, lighting and other details will change, which looks extremely realistic and gives the necessary atmosphere.

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