Octopus-gamepad, mouse, keyboard layout (Mod Pro / full version) v5

Octopus-gamepad, mouse, keyboard layout (Mod Pro / full version) v5

  • Category: Programs
  • Developer: Octopus Gaming Studio
  • Android Version: 4.4

Octopus-gamepad, mouse, keyboard layout-turn your device into a full-fledged computer if virtual buttons or controls in the game are inconvenient. Most gamers are used to the standard keyboard layout: “keyboard+mouse”, when 4 buttons on the keyboard are responsible for moving the character, and mouse clicks are responsible for attacks. As a result, mobile games like “action” to be a stretch. Your character seems clumsy, running away from villains or Vice versa, chasing them is inconvenient. Now the problem can be solved easily. Connect your keyboard or other devices to your mobile phone or tablet. All you need to do is download this app and run it.

Functionality of the Octopus program-gamepad, mouse, keyboard layout:

It downloads and runs as a regular app, and doesn’t take up much space. You don’t need to activate it. Just log in and then start the game.

The gamer receives the required configuration key and automatically syncs with their Octopus account.

Supports more than 30 games of different genres, compatible with all peripheral devices-joysticks, mouse, keyboard.

The controls are simple, and hints will help beginners.

It does not require registration of a new user. Cloud synchronization with data is performed.

The mod works on Pro, giving the full version. All project features are open to users. With it, your mobile device turns from a mini-computer!

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