Null s Brawl (hacked Private server) v download on Android

Null s Brawl (hacked Private server) v download on Android

  • Updated: 25-10-2020, 01: 21
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Android Version: 4.3
  • V 30.242

Null’s Brawl-server with the characters Mr. PI, max and BEA. Developers from Russia worked hard to create it. There are several modes available for players, more than a dozen fighters that can be upgraded to the highest level. Gamers create clans and enter into negotiations with teammates in the chat. So far, the authors have provided four types of games, but in reality you can only interact in collision mode. Unlike the original version, the team consists of four people, not ten as before. This helps you perform an instant search.

The new hacked null’s Brawl Private server doesn’t have many members, but things will change as It gains popularity. There are 21 warriors to choose from: they are available absolutely for free, and if you change your account, players can choose all the heroes. In addition, gamers have the opportunity to improve any of them without leaving their team. If you pump the characters yourself, the process is delayed. Here you can become members of clans, correspond in the chat, exchange cards at will. In addition, everything is given for free and on the battlefield participants find themselves in the same circumstances: victory or defeat depends on their decisions and abilities. It is very important to repel the enemy’s attacks and attack yourself, destroying the opponent.

The advantages of this action are:

– the latest version of the client;

– endless gems and keys;

– access to all fighters, including Jackie and sprout;

– the gradual addition of skins for the soldiers;

– unlimited number of boxes;

– work online during the day, seven days a week;

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