Klondike hacked (mod a lot of money)

Klondike hacked (mod a lot of money)

  • Category: Strategies
  • Developer: VIZOR APPS LTD.
  • Android Version: 4.4

Klondike-perhaps this is how the pioneers and founders of cities acted. They found places, gathered like-minded people. This is how the first settlements appeared. The main character is a traveler. He once left his Homeland in search of a different, more interesting life. His goal is to build his own city, where there will be residents and everything else. Choosing a suitable location and picking up a hammer is not enough. We need resources, money, and helpers. Every day, the urban planner will have to complete three different tasks, for which he will receive a reward. To extract useful resources, he needs to plant trees, extract minerals and other resources for construction. Having created a farm, he will raise animals there.

Features of the game Klondike:

beautiful graphics with a bright interface full of colors;

simple operation, there is a system of hints for beginners;

lots of quests and levels to complete;

lots of places to visit;

invite your friends and play with them.

Mod for a lot of money will help you develop the city faster, giving the user unlimited finances. By completing interesting and challenging tasks, he will advance through the story. Young researchers Kate and Paul are ready for new discoveries! Before them are wild lands where you can bring culture. At first, the town will be small, it’s more like a village. Then, thanks to the efforts of builders, it will grow, and the economy will develop. More and more people will come to settle there. They will be attracted by the atmosphere and new perspectives. Around beautiful nature, picturesque views. By sending expeditions, you can better explore the surrounding area. Go ahead! The land of Alaska is waiting for its discoverers!

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