Hacking Rope Hero V. 2

Hacking Rope Hero V. 2

  • Updated: 4-05-2020, 23: 34
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: Naxeex LLC
  • Android Version: 2.3
  • V 2.6

Rope Hero is a cool game in its genre with a great storyline. At your disposal will be a huge city with a lot of buildings, vehicles, police, additional characters and dangerous gangs. Given the dozens of story missions and features of the game, it has received low system requirements that allow you to play even on the weakest devices.

Install the mod for a lot of money and upgrade your character! You will be able to improve the main characteristics, buy any weapon and a lot of other upgrades that will make the gameplay much more interesting! There is always something to do in the city: you can start sorting out relations with the police, take any car, complete story missions, or start a war with a gang that has flooded several blocks. The main character is able not only to shoot, but also to participate in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, you will be able to use his superpowers to move quickly and fight against the most dangerous opponents. Explore a major metropolis in search of new adventures and special bonuses hidden in the most unexpected places!

cool action adventure game;

a new superhero with interesting abilities;

a big city with lots of opportunities;

large selection of weapons and upgrades;

using spectacular hand-to-hand combat techniques;

lots of dangerous opponents and organized gangs;

ability to drive vehicles;

medium-quality graphics and low system requirements.

Rope Hero is a great choice for playing on budget devices. The app is not much inferior to other modern action games both in terms of graphics and plot.

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