Hacked Don\’t Starve Pocket Edition (all open mod) download for Android

Hacked Don't Starve Pocket Edition (all open mod) download for Android

  • Category: RPG
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment Inc
  • Android Version: 5.0

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition is a ported version of the well-known computer game in the genres of action and survival. Your character will find himself in a hostile world with hundreds of monsters and other dangers.

In order not to die, you need to always be on the lookout and monitor the supply of valuable resources. Do not forget to control the level of hunger, thirst and energy, otherwise the game for the main character may end long before the encounter with monsters. After completing several levels, you will begin to understand the rules and laws of this world, but to reveal all the secrets of the plot, you need to complete the game in its entirety.

The gameplay offers a lot of opportunities for development: if starting the passage the character will have almost nothing, then soon you will get tools, weapons and even be able to build a fortress with barricades and traps! Use all the features of crafting and explore endless locations in search of valuable resources. Also, do not forget about changing the time of day, because at night it becomes very dangerous here and without a fire you will quickly die.

high-quality port of the popular survival game;

huge game world;

lots of dangerous monsters and challenging challenges;

crafting, building and more;

hundreds of hidden resources to craft tools and weapons;

ability to monitor the main characteristics of the character;

everything is open and unlocked;

high-quality graphics and an inimitable design style.

The game Don’t Starve Pocket Edition retained not only the plot, but also the design. Locations, the main character and monsters are decorated in an interesting hand-drawn style. At the same time, dark colors predominate in the game, conveying the atmosphere of the plot and making it clear that saving the character’s life will not be easy.

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