Guests of Your VK page full version v6

Guests of Your VK page full version v6

  • Category: Programs
  • Developer: Oleg Lavrynenko
  • Android Version: 4.1

Guests Of your VK page is a very useful and very light mobile application. Using simple settings you will be able to track visitors to your page. This information is provided as a convenient table with the name, link, session time, and main actions.

It should be noted that tracking does not work for all hundred percent, first you need to make a very simple setup and post links to tracking the most popular elements of the page. As soon as a person clicks on the link, you will immediately know about it. Session statistics are only available for 24 hours, after which they are updated.

In addition to tracking your VK page, the Guests program also offers another equally useful feature — page promotion. You can buy likes for individual posts, photos, or increase the number of subscribers.

a popular program for tracking the visitors of VK;

detailed information about almost all users;

a few simple settings;

ability to promote your page by buying likes and followers;

rating of the most popular users.

In General statistics, you can find out all the information for the last 24 hours with the total number of users, likes, gifts, comments, and the number of users of different genders.

To use all the features, you will need a hacked program. With it, you can use stealth mode, view an unlimited number of users, and promote the page. Within the application itself, the available rating of the most popular users, it is possible to fight for the first place, follow the simple steps.

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