Grow Empire: Rome hacked (Mod a lot of money) v for Android download

Grow Empire: Rome hacked (Mod a lot of money) v for Android download

  • Updated: 24-10-2020, 00: 44
  • Category: Strategies
  • Developer:
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • V 1.4.60

Grow Empire: Rome is a cool tower defense game with over a thousand battles of increasing difficulty. Your main goal is to defend the Roman Empire by fighting the most powerful armies in the world. Depending on the enemy, the types of troops and their characteristics will change, which will greatly affect the strategy.

Mod for a lot of money will help you buy all the necessary resources to maximize the development of the army, strengthen city walls and defensive structures. After pumping all the resources, you can quickly pass the initial battles and open the most interesting missions, characterized by large-scale and unpredictable battles.

Grow Empire: Rome received the simplest graphics with well-animated characters. Control is very easy: using a couple of buttons, you can give important orders, coordinate the actions of individual troops and use powerful guns located on the towers. As you level up, you can unlock new features that were closed at the beginning of the game.

lead the Roman Empire and fight against dozens of opponents;

complete over a thousand waves of increasing difficulty;

unlock hundreds of incredible upgrades;

use the hints at the beginning of the game to learn the basic rules;

unlock thirty-five characters with different skills;

unlock new maps and upgrade your defensive fortifications.

Due to the large number of upgrades, you can almost endlessly improve your defense, upgrade soldiers, General skills, and experiment with other interesting features. Discover new locations with interesting terrain features and defeat opponents from all over the world!

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