Gold Rush Sim hack (mod a lot of money) download for Android

Gold Rush Sim hack (mod a lot of money) download for Android

  • Category: Simulators
  • Developer: A&B Development
  • Android Version: 4.1

Gold Rush Sim – modern gold hunters use different sophisticated devices. They have to work for hours in harsh conditions. The main character also decided to try his luck. If successful, he will become fabulously rich! You just need to master the working methods. Various equipment and special equipment for large-scale extraction of valuable material are at hand. Allows you to recycle tons of rock in search of value. It is not profitable to buy equipment, and the character rents it and pays the owners cash. They need to manage their finances properly.

Features of Gold Rush Sim:

participate in a real gold rush;

good graphics, easy controls;

the ability to use a variety of equipment for mining;

the character starts his journey from the bottom;

daily tasks that are rewarded.

The mod for a lot of money will give the player unlimited finances. They will be able to purchase the necessary equipment or pay rent for them. There are beautiful views around-dense forests, high mountains and blue sky. Not everywhere gold is stored, you need to know the places where the gold mine is hidden. Only they are profitable to develop. At first, the character will have a limited amount. He had clearly left everything behind to try his luck in these remote places. Fortunately, there are places nearby where you can rent the right equipment. Manually searching for gold is useless. There is a map of the area, which is easy to navigate. Over time, by opening the first vein, the character will be able to save up money to purchase land and improved equipment. This will increase the scale of production and let luck stay close! Then wealth will be just around the corner!

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