Gang Clash hacked (mod a lot of money) v download for Android

Gang Clash hacked (mod a lot of money) v download for Android

  • Updated: 31-07-2020, 02: 05
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: IEC Global Pty Ltd
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • V 2.0.23

Gang Clash is a fun toy with cute graphics. Crowds of colorful little men move around the location. The user needs to lead his army and correctly place the fighters who will then fight for him. His strategic thinking will help. The army has several types of soldiers, including infantrymen, Riflemen, and others. Some are more effective in close combat, while others are ranged. It is necessary to place your fighters correctly before the fights. For winning, the gamer receives money, experience and a rating increase. Savings can be spent on acquiring new soldiers, making the army stronger. Levels differ in difficulty, some are simple, others are not, so you need to line up your fighters every time and wait for the right moment to attack.

Gang Clash game features:

colorful 3D graphics, well-equipped location;

easy controls with hints for beginners;

high-quality effects-sound and visual;

exciting gameplay, a variety of tasks;

many levels to complete;

large number of troop types;

strategic thinking will help the gamer;

he will receive a generous reward for his victories;

large location with streets, alleys and buildings;

the mod works for infinite coins.

The controls are simple – just one touch of the screen is enough. The troops will obey without question. Time flies by unnoticed for large-scale battles. It is easy to distinguish your own troops from others ‘ – each participant in the conflict has characters painted in a certain color. There are blue soldiers, red soldiers, purple soldiers, or yellow soldiers.

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