Full version of Shadowmatic V. 1

Full version of Shadowmatic V. 1

  • Updated: 31-07-2020, 03: 56
  • Category: Logical Objects
  • Developer: Triada Studio Games
  • Android Version: 4.2
  • V 1.4.3

Shadowmatic is a fairly simple idea in a high-quality implementation. You will rotate abstract shapeless figures in the rays of light. The main task is to rotate the shape so that a clear silhouette appears on the wall. You will not know what kind of item each task hides, and the difficulty will gradually increase. If at the beginning the puzzle will consist of one part, then soon their number will increase, due to which the tasks will become much more difficult and interesting.

Since some puzzles are quite difficult to solve, the game provides several hints, you can take them one at a time. The initial hint is a scale that works on the “cold-hot ” principle. It will show you how close you are to solving the task. The next hint will show you the shape you need to find.

a great puzzle game with non-standard gameplay;

12 locations with a nice design;

more than a hundred levels with fairly simple and very difficult tasks;

some tasks consist of several items;

arcade mode with additional puzzles;

multiple hints for in-game points;

high-quality graphics, realistic physics and pleasant music.

Shadowmatic contains more than a hundred tasks divided into twelve levels. At the same time, all levels are designed as different rooms. Control is available in several modes, including accelerometer, which will make the game much more interesting.

Please note that the regular version does not contain all tasks. To access all levels, use the hacked game. Break records, unlock new locations and solve the most challenging puzzles!

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