Dragon Raja hacking (God mode Mod) v for Android download

Dragon Raja hacking (God mode Mod) v for Android download

  • Updated: 13-05-2020, 23: 03
  • Category: RPG
  • Developer: Playwith Interactive
  • Android Version: 4.0.3
  • V 1.14

Dragon Raja takes fans of the genre to the wonderful world of fairy tales in an Oriental manner. The player can choose the race, gender and specialization of their hero, and then go in search of amazing and dangerous adventures. Try to become a powerful or agile melee warrior, a sharp shooter, a cunning and nimble shadow thief, an ice or fire mage, a necromancer or a merchant. Choose the primary parameters, passive skills and active skills of your Persian and start to conquer a huge fantasy world.

Dragon Raja offers a large interactive universe with scattered towns and villages, rogue settlements, camps of vagabonds and nomads, rare hermit huts and epic creatures like trolls, ogres, Cyclops, dragons, stone and earth Golems, and so on. Cities are divided by forests, mountain ranges, swamps and hot deserts, there are caves and dungeons, rare ruins, abandoned castles and other locations, including canyons and underwater kingdoms. By controlling the joystick, the user will wander in search of suitable missions that are updated regularly, fight with opponents using melee and ranged weapons, swords, bows, spears, axes and maces, scimitars, halberds and knives. In addition, there is a mod for the God mode, thanks to which you can not be afraid of death and take out all opponents who guard untold riches, runes and ancient relics. The game has a lot of loot, a lot of armor and epic weapons, a lot of strong enemies, the possibility of forming network alliances, regular events for castle sieges, battles and complex, multi-stage quests with unique prizes for completing them.

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