Download RoverCraft-build a lunar Rover hacking (Mod: a lot of money) v

Download RoverCraft-build a lunar Rover hacking (Mod: a lot of money) v

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 02: 08
  • Category: Racing
  • Developer: ABE Entertainment Ltd
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • V 1.40

RoverCraft-build a lunar Rover, this is a race that offers you to build a vehicle yourself in a special editor. Due to the maximum possible balance of shackles, you can buy any upgrades without paying attention to their prices. There are many basic frames, wheels, turbines, jet engines and more available in the store! The characteristics of the vehicle will depend entirely on your choice; use hints with descriptions to prepare the vehicle for each individual location.

Despite the fact that the game is called ” RoverCraft-build a lunar Rover”, you will find many unique locations in addition to the moon. Discover Titan, Venus, Mars and dozens of other planets, including Earth! Each location has unique physics features, so the difficulty will constantly change.

For a simple racing arcade game, the app is designed quite standard. You will find a simple two-dimensional image with a side view, good graphics and simple controls. The main feature of the game is the opportunity to try yourself as a designer, creating truly unique models at the expense of a huge selection of resources.

exciting arcade racing experience;

creating a vehicle on your own;

a simple editor with a huge selection of resources;

dozens of locations besides the moon;

multiple modes: planets, challenges, and tournaments;

dozens of challenges of varying difficulty.

Unlock each location, customize your vehicle to match the characteristics of each planet, and compete with other users in tournaments! To get additional benefits and bonuses, participate in mini-games.

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