Download Jewel Hunter 2019-three in a row hacking (Mod) v1

Download Jewel Hunter 2019-three in a row hacking (Mod) v1

  • Category: Logical Objects
  • Developer: SUPERBOX. INC
  • Android Version: 4.1

Jewel Hunter 2019-three in a row – a new project from the SUPERBOX.INC team, made in a beautiful “jewelry” style. To advance further, the player must collect the same gems. The full set of blocks drops, then freeing up space for new blocks to appear. Each collected combination will give you points. The authors emphasized the beauty and fun process. To make you want to log in to the game again. Using the classic mechanism for the base, in which you need to collect combinations of the same color of stones. We added a story with a touch of mystery to it. The main character finds himself on a tropical island and finds a mysterious cave there.

Features of Jewel Hunter 2019-three in a row:

use combos, bombs, and other tools;

beautiful musical accompaniment;

more than 20 levels to develop;

multilingual interface with the presence of the Russian language;

it also runs without the Internet;

the program doesn’t take up much space.

The mod gives you a full extension with add-ons. The game is 100% free. Tasks will become more complex over time. But there is a training system, thanks to which beginners will quickly get used to it. And for experts, complex combinations will be a challenge. The current level is shown on the device screen, as well as the points scored. Experience and bonuses are awarded for completed levels. If you can’t meet the deadline, you can always try again! Bombs help a lot. Just blow up one and clear a couple of rows. Over time, all the secrets of the mysterious cave will be revealed. Who knows, maybe untold riches are hidden inside? It’s time to find out!

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