Download hacking DEER HUNTER 2017 (Mod for money) v4

Download hacking DEER HUNTER 2017 (Mod for money) v4

  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: Glu
  • Android Version: 4.1

DEER HUNTER 2017 offers you to hunt a wide variety of animals, both rare exotic species and dangerous predators. For the most comfortable game experience on mobile devices, the gameplay is slightly simplified and presented in the form of a shooting gallery, but the game does not lose momentum at all.

The missions are very different and offer an unforgettable hunting experience in completely different environments. You will hunt day, night, in the desert, jungle, Arctic and dozens of other locations-even underwater! The choice of weapons and other upgrades will depend not only on the score, but also on the life of the main character. Choosing a low-powered weapon or a sight that does not match the situation, you can only injure the predator, angering it. In some situations, there will be very little time to correct the error.

If you want to play freely, without restrictions in the balance of points, just install the mod for a lot of money. Why gradually collect points for more expensive upgrades? Buy everything you need right away!

a great simulator with realistic gameplay;

simplified control, the character will stand in one place;

dozens of animal species, including carnivores;

lots of challenging and really risky tasks;

well-chosen locations that match each animal;

impressive selection of weapons and other upgrades;

nice graphics with a first-person view.

DEER HUNTER 2017 is designed very well, the graphics are of average quality, but the gameplay looks very natural. If the last target is successfully hit, you will switch from a first-person view to a bullet view, and you will be able to view your shot in slow motion from a more interesting angle. By collecting trophies with each successfully completed task, you can compete with other players in the best achievements.

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