Dark Riddle hacked (Mod a lot of the apples of immortality) v3

Dark Riddle hacked (Mod a lot of the apples of immortality) v3

  • Category: Logical Objects
  • Developer: Nika Entertainment – Fun, Creativity & Relax
  • Android Version: 4.1

Dark Riddle is an interesting and fun quest that can delight players with detailed details, an interactive environment, an unusual plot and a variety of puzzles. The hero gets a new neighbor, who seems rather suspicious to him. The man behaves in a strange way and even sometimes causes fear. To solve the mysteries of an incomprehensible character, the player decides to get into his home, but this is not so easy. The neighbor turns out to be incredibly cunning and has come up with a lot of tricks in advance. The user has to be careful and smart to perfectly overcome the traps and obstacles placed everywhere.

In the process of completing the game Dark Riddle, gamers will have to find useful items and use them in certain circumstances. It is very important to obtain keys to gain access to new rooms and learn more secret information about the subject. If the hero immediately fails to solve the mystery, then the mod for many apples and immortality will help him. This will allow you to use unlimited energy and get an endless life. In addition, you need to try not to get caught in the lenses of cameras and even more so in the eyes of a neighbor. Otherwise, he will be able to grab the hero and hand him over to the police station. In addition, you should keep an eye on the police patrolling the city streets and avoid meeting them. Players will enjoy an exciting gameplay, numerous challenges, easy controls, secrets and riddles, original design design and a soundtrack that arouses interest in the project.

Features of the game can be called:

1. Gameplay with the first person.

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