Chickens Gun hacked (Mod for money) v 1

Chickens Gun hacked (Mod for money) v 1

  • Updated: 3-10-2020, 02: 18
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: ChaloApps
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • V 1.9.9

Chickens Gun-previously, roosters lived quietly and were ordinary domestic birds. They sat in their chicken coop, walked around the yard, pecked at grain. But then something happened and the birds … took up arms! But they fight only among themselves, turning the chicken coop into a small Tokyo. What is shared? The territory? Spheres of influence? Cute chickens? It’s unclear. First, the gamer will have a small yellow chicken to keep an eye on. Feed it, create comfortable conditions, and watch it grow up. The bird is growing quickly. Soon the yellow-throated chick will become a strong and pugnacious Cockerel. Then he will be ready for future fights!

Chicken Gun game features:

The original mix of simulation game caring for a pet and a fighting game. The main characters are warlike cockerels.

Your champion will have to grow, get him weapons and other items of equipment.

A large collection of equipment – protective armor, weapons.

Several modes to complete: “Mortal Kombat” – any mistake will lead to the death of the character, “5: 5”, team battle, which involves 10 players.

The mod works for a lot of money, for which it is easy to buy a variety of things from the game store. Cute graphics and easy controls make the game fun. You can throw explosive eggs at the enemy, shoot a machine gun and Bazooka, even use a laser machine gun or smoke grenade. Everything to win! These chicken coop wars are endless. You can upgrade your character by improving its characteristics. Change his uniforms, give him new weapons of better quality. Soon the champion will be able to tear everyone up!

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