Bit Heroes hacked (Mod: a lot of money) download

Bit Heroes is a game that will bring back warm memories for many players, and for some it can be a discovery of the genre, because it is very similar to the old 16-bit RPGs, where the hero had to go down into a dangerous dungeon full of monsters, and most importantly – treasures. Now you can enjoy this game on a portable device, and of course, with a much better game quality.

The player will have to go down into a dungeon teeming with dangerous monsters. Fighting them, he will level up and become stronger. Collecting loot, you can hand it over to the merchant, or find the necessary equipment that will also enhance the hero’s characteristics, match his class, and use it for yourself. Leveling up has become faster thanks to the mod for a large amount of money, so you can buy good items right away.

Bit Heroes will give you many hours of pleasant passage. There are 6 very large locations, each with 70 randomly generated levels, as well as raids and dungeons. On the levels you will meet more than 100 different creatures and powerful bosses, for the victory over which you will have to sweat, but they will also give rich trophies, allowing you to strengthen the hero. Also, the player will find a lot of fantastic Pets, each of which is completely individual and enhances certain parameters. Classic classes and their support services, there are just a lot of development opportunities here.

Also, players will find a PVP arena where they can fight each other, finding out whose leveling is better at this moment. Become an arena champion to get your own statue in the city, forever adding yourself to the lists of arena Champions as a legendary player.

Bit Heroes hacked (Mod: a lot of money) download

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