Bandpass hacking (all open mod) v1

Bandpass hacking (all open mod) v1

  • Category: Programs
  • Developer: Lunar Labs
  • Android Version: 5.0

Bandpass is a multifunctional audio player that allows you to listen to any songs. If you allow it to access the device’s memory, the saved songs will be displayed there. Listen without restrictions, even with the Internet turned off. There is a function for creating playlists. You can divide songs by genre, artist, or other criteria. A great companion on a long road, waiting and other places. It takes up a little space. The interface is clear and resembles social networks.

Bandpass features:

the collection of songs into a new playlist;

access to your friends ‘ music hits and their own interpretation;

more than 3000 different instruments – radio waves, orchestra sounds, etc.;

a set of filters for editing media files;

reposts in social networks;

your own song editor;

functions-compression, compressor, reverb, and others.

Mod for everything open gives the full version of the program with all extensions. It will easily replace a music Studio, because it allows you not only to listen to music, but also to change it according to your own preferences. For example, you can speed up the rhythm of a slow track or add new sounds. You can feel like a real DJ or composer. The sound quality is excellent. If the song contains extraneous sounds (noises, crackles), using the editing tools, it is easy to clean it up. You can cut out a fragment and save it separately if necessary, or adjust the playback of hits as you like. Songs downloaded by the user are instantly displayed in the program.

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