Age of War 2 full version (Unlocked) v 1

Age of War 2 full version (Unlocked) v 1

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 02: 39
  • Category: Strategies
  • Developer: Max Games Studios
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • V 1.5.3

Age of War 2 offers you to go through seven epochs of human development-starting from the stone age, ending with the present time and even the future! The game is designed in a classic style for this genre with 2D graphics and a simple side view. Management is simple: you will simply introduce new characters into the game depending on the situation, making up for losses. In difficult battles, you can use some bonuses with high damage and additional weapons located on the towers.

To win each battle, you need not only to destroy the enemy army, but also to destroy the tower. Only after the complete destruction of fortifications can you move to a new level with new features. Try to keep up with your opponent: if they open a new era before you, it will be extremely difficult to restore the balance of power.

cool strategy game with tower defense elements;

classic gameplay for this genre with simple rules;

7 epochs-from the stone age to the future;

10 generals with different strategic skills;

several special tools for defense;

addictive and quite lively gameplay;

everything is open and unlocked;

four difficulty levels to choose from.

Since there are no in-app purchases, the game is offered in two versions: a paid version and a free version with incomplete gameplay. Using this version of the game, you will be able to access all levels without using a donation — just install and play!

Try to reach the final by unlocking the most advanced types of troops and powerful weapons! In the menu, you can choose from four difficulty modes, which will greatly affect the dynamics and speed of development of enemy troops. It is quite easy to lose in the most difficult mode.

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