Взлом Free Fire – Battlegrounds (Mega Mod) 1

Взлом Free Fire - Battlegrounds (Mega Mod) 1

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 03: 16
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Android Version: 4.0.3
  • V 1.5

Free Fire-Battlegrounds offers something that ordinary shooters cannot boast of. You will play alone against 49 other players, the goal is to remain the only survivor. Explore the locations of a huge island in search of weapons, ammunition and other upgrades. Equipment can be not only searched for, but also selected right before the game, but for this you will need the in-game currency. To defeat 49 opponents, you need a really impressive Arsenal. If you want to buy everything you need without using a donation, install the mod for a lot of money!

You can choose the strategy of the game yourself, the gameplay will not limit you in this: you can hide, hunt other players and even join teams. By creating a four-player squad, you can use voice chat to communicate.

popular analog of PUBG;

online battle between 50 players;

short, but extremely intense fights of 10 minutes each;

using voice chat when joining teams of four people;

large selection of weapons and other equipment;

a huge island with dozens of locations for any strategy;

there are many buildings where you can most likely find valuable resources;

use transport to move quickly.

Free Fire-Battlegrounds has received high-quality graphics that can be customized depending on the characteristics of your mobile device. The view is classic for this genre, in the third person.

Since the game has a 10-minute limit for each battle, the rather large island location will gradually decrease. Make sure to stay in a safe area and try to avoid the outskirts of the location, otherwise your character may be killed by an airstrike.

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